Vary the game.  Select a card with the definition side up and give the word that is on the word side.​ 

The game comprises the game board, seven sets of game cards from kindergarten to adults, two die, six game pieces, a timer, and for adults players block and pass cards. The game  board is a two sided board. Play on the side you prefer.

Each game card has a word, the function of the word, and a sample sentence showing a use of the word. The flip side of the card has the definition of the word. One selects a card with word side up, roll the die to get the value of the word, and tries to give the definition of the word within a time limit. Do so and move along the path on the board according to the game rules. First person to reach the end of the path wins the game.

Play Volangulary​​​, the vocabulary  and language game. Play it with anyone you choose. Young or old you will love it. Volangulary is a simple but very entertaining and educational game.


Use the game cards as flash cards when you have no one to play with.

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  • ​​​Question, what does the National Spelling Bee Championship, Jeopardy, and Volangulary have in common?  The answer​ is vocabulary. In the national spelling bee preliminaries and semifinals formats, heavy emphasis is placed on vocabulary test that contestants must pass to compete in the finals, In Jeopardy one of its topics is vocabulary. In Volangulary it is all about vocabulary and language. No doubt about it, Volangulary, like vocabulary, is for everyone.